As a licensed DN Instructor I can offer you access to Karen Rohlf’s online courses in the Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena as part of your education with me!

These courses are designed for creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics.

Also check out the Dressage Naturally Live Courses on the “Live Clinics & Events” page.

Where would you like to start?

Partnership & Foundation

Would you like your horse to be more Calm, Attentive, Responsive, and Eager?

Would you like to have the Habits of an Excellent Horseman?

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This course is a great start when you want to (re)start a horse, educate yourself on communicating better with your horse or improve your relationship.

It is also a good preparation for any course you do with me!

I have seen this course change lives of many horses and their owners! A high value course with a lot of detail in bodylanguage and mindset for all horse(wo)men!

Watch this free training from Karen Rohlf for an introduction.

Healthy Biomechanics

Would you like your horse to be Relaxed, Energized, Balanced, and Free in his

Would you like a way to achieve the object of dressage in a harmonious way?

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When you sign up with the link above, you’ll not only get lifelong access to all the course materials but also

  • a year long access to monthly online Q&A with Liesbeth and
  • lifelong access to the international DNVA facebookgroup, so you will always find support when you need it!

Besides that you can choose your EXTRA LIVE SUPPORT from Liesbeth:

  • 2 free videocoachingsessions
  • 2 free lessons at my homebase in Oosterstreek
  • €100 discount on a 5 Day Intensive
  • €200 discount on selected other courses or clinics by Sport & Horsemanship United (ask for information and/or look on the “Live Clinics & Events” page)

Upward Spiral Of Successful Gymnastics

The Upward Spiral Of Successful Gymnastics course is also available to graduates of the Sweet Spot course or by recommendation only. Click HERE to learn about the course and contact me for details.