Dressage Naturally is all about creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics at the same time.

As a licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor I can offer you access to Karen Rohlf’s online courses in the Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena as part of your education with me!

Our comprehensive programs will give you the Harmony, Balance, Ease of Movement and Connection you want… and so much more!

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We offer a unique blend of online courses with live support!

Explore the possibilities and choose what is best for you!

  • Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics
    Dit is waar gezonde dressuur en je hart voor paarden elkaar ontmoeten!
    Online studie (Engelstalig) in de Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena PLUS 12 keer maandelijkse online coaching (Nederlands of Engels) PLUS 3 privélessen (live of op afstand) of videocoachingsessies. Deze combinatie van live begeleiding + online leren vind je nergens anders!
  • Habits of Excellent Horsemanship
    “When you start doing things with this special state of mind all is changing!” Step by step online course building a friendship with your horse, harmony in daily rituals, leadership, communication, relaxed behaviour and (re)starting under saddle.
  • Dressage Naturally Live Clinics
    Clinics by Liesbeth Jorna or Karen Rohlf in the Netherlands or Europe

Karen’s words about her (only 5 personally selected!) Licensed D,N Instructors:
“These amazing women stood out to me based on their skills in partnership-based training, their ability to educate students with compassion, and most of all because of their positive attitude and integrity as human beings. I am confident that they are able to help you create the communication, harmony, balance, and connection you want with your horses!”

Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics

Learn how to develop true Self Carriage, Lightness and Freedom in Motion

Discover how to stay Natural and Playful while ‘doing dressage’ 

This course is great for …

  • those who are new to dressage (and don’t want to make the mistakes everybody else makes)
  • and – I say this from my own experience! – especially for experienced riders who are looking for a more fun, creative and friendly way to do dressage

INCLUDING 5 PRIVATE LESSONS with Liesbeth Jorna (value €350).
You can choose your lessons in these formats (valid 12 months):
– Videocoaching (you send 10 min. video and we talk 30-45 min. through zoom)
– Live lessons in Oosterstreek, Netherlands (60 min)
– Live long-distance lessons (60 min. with smartphone/pivo/pixio and earpods)
Or any combination of the above

Additional lesson packages can be booked as you wish

What's in this online course?

Never understimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine !

~ Karen Rohlf ~

Habits for Excellent Horsemanship

Experience more Joy, Happiness and Progress with your horse every day

(Re)Start your horse the friendly, fair and effective way

I have seen this course change the lives of many horses and riders!

This course is your best choice ever if you wish …

  • to (re)start a (young) horse under saddle
  • your horse to be more Connected, Calm, Attentive, Responsive, and Eager
  • Happiness, Joy and Partnership in every moment you spend together

I strongly recommend this course to all my students and to all professional trainers too!

It truly gives you unique tools and new perspectives that improve EVERYTHING with your horse!

What's in this course?

Dressage Naturally clinics in the Netherlands / Europe

The following D,N clinicseries will be organized in Oosterstreek, Friesland for students in the D,N Virtual Arena:

At the moment we have no DN clinics scheduled yet

Lessons will be in either Dutch or English and sometimes in German, whatever will work for you.
Please contact me if you are interested!