Doordringen tot de kern van wat jij en je paard nodig hebben

Identify the missing pieces & making fundamental changes

Privélessen in Oosterstreek

Individueel 1 uur € 65

Privélessen zijn mogelijk op doordeweekse dagen.

KLIK HIER om direct je les te plannen!

In de bevestiging van je afspraak vind je ook een link om je les vooraf te betalen. Je afspraak is pas definitief na betaling.

Wil je meerdere aaneengesloten lesuren plannen (bijvoorbeeld voor jezelf en een vriendin, of als je meerdere paarden mee wil nemen)? Plan dan een uur dat beschikbaar is in de agenda en stuur even een email naar met je verzoek. Dan neem ik contact met je op om de afspraak verder in te vullen.

Privélessen op afstand / Long distance Private Lessons

I can teach live anywhere in the world if you have the tools and good internet!
What you need is a mobile phone + earpods + and the help of a videoperson, Pivo device or Pixio.  
We can connect through Whatsapp video, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Apple Facetime or use the Pivo or Pixio technology.
On monday – friday.

For continued progress and support I suggest you’ll choose a package of 5 sessions.
This gives you a 10% discount per session.

CLICK HERE for a 5-lesson package (€ 350, valid 6 months)

CLICK HERE to plan and pay a single lesson (€75, 60 min.)

Long distance live lesson: A Happy Student in Moskow …

Dear Liesbeth!

I want to thank you soooo much for our amazing coach session: you helped me and my Flo SO much!!! He became relaxed right after first exercise with energy, it was so coolto feel this wonderful connection full of trust…  he used to be so rushy all the time and you solved all problems so quickly! i felt really special connection with him today, I think he WAS very happy  today… i nearly cried in happiness !

You are a wonderful teacher, thank you so much. it was so hard to do it alone, but to have such great help!! its a gift!! Thank you, Liesbeth, you are a wizard!

~ Polina Y. (member of the Russian Young Rider Dressage Team.)

PS. Polina has been doing live online lessons twice a week for already more than a year and still moving forward!

Private Videocoaching (Nederlands/English)

A proven very effective way to receive long distance personal support!
personal 1 on 1 online meeting of max. 45 minutes based on max. 10 minutes of your video.
No fance editing needed, simply show me the things you need help with or want feedback on.
You’ll receive practical tips and feedback on your video and answers to all your questions.
After booking you’ll receive an email with exact instructions and a link to schedule the session(s).

For continued progress and support I suggest you’ll choose a package of 5 sessions.
This gives you a 10% discount per session.

CLICK HERE for a 5-lesson package (€ 350, valid 6 months)

CLICK HERE to plan and pay a single lesson (€75)

Videocoaching Students say …

Today I had my second video coaching session with Liesbeth Jorna. Once again it was a tremendous learning experience for me and I have no doubt my horsemanship is going to advance greatly as a result. I followed today’s videocoaching session with a ride and put some of Liesbeth’s suggestions right to use and what a difference her suggestions made just in one ride! ~Jane P.

Thank you Liesbeth Jorna, for the great coaching session this week. Afterward, I “talked to the shoulders” both along the rail and on the circle. After, we had a super ride! I appreciate your great knowledge and coaching style. ~Vicky T.

Thanks again to Liesbeth Jorna for her understanding (and excellent English), her tact, wisdom and for being non-judgemental, non-critical and so supportive when we had our coaching call last night. They say the darkest hour is before dawn! haha. Well perhaps the greatest thing is to get videoed and to have a coach who I can trust to share it with. I can now take this so positively and see it as a reality check from where things can only get better…and I am so fired up! ~Jane V.

Over the last week I have been struggling with exercises. I was working way too hard and I felt like my horse was working less. But… Yesterday I had my video coaching call with Liesbeth Jorna. And, she was Great. Thanks to Liesbeth, I played with the expectation that he be light and responsive from the minute I got on. Versus, letting him pull me into his hole of “lazy” and then I have to work extra hard to get him out of that mindset. Instead start off with a light responsive mode always! And Voila, he was there immediately and throughout my ride! The other big breakthrough: I thought that my basic alignment exercises were good but, now that I am asking for more advanced gymnastics, Liesbeth told me to up the quality of our basic alignment exercises too. Once, I really focused on improving this – Voila! My upper level gymnastics exercises began to work again. So…. Happy. Thank you Liesbeth for a great call – you were so supportive and helpful. ~Lisa B.

Progress report: I had a video coaching with Liesbeth Jorna last week and we talked about strategies to help me find some steadiness and stabilize my riding. She suggested playing with basic alignment exercises without overshooting the target as much, so me and my horse can have more moments “in the middle”. That was very helpful and there’s been progress every ride since !😀 ~Claudelle P.

Open Lesmiddagen en Lesdagen met je eigen groep in Oosterstreek

Een middag waar je elke vraag over gedrag, grondwerk en training aan mij kunt voorleggen, waar je op een veilige en ontspannen manier met je paard kan oefenen en waar ik de hele middag tot je beschikking sta voor begeleiding en tips.
Je mag zelf kiezen hoe laat en hoe lang je met je paard bezig bent en waar je aan wil werken. Daarnaast heb je gelegenheid om bij anderen mee te kijken en vragen te stellen. Het is een perfecte gelegenheid om in relaxte sfeer de hulp te krijgen die jij graag wil en om nieuwe inspiratie op te doen.

Na afloop kun je nog even blijven napraten en vragen stellen. Tijdens de middag is er gratis thee, koffie, frisdrank en koek. Toeschouwers zijn ook welkom.

Voor de paarden zijn gastenweides of paddocks beschikbaar. De trainingen vinden plaats in de eb & vloed rijbaan (20*60 met spiegel), in de roundpen of in de speel/crossweide als de bodem daarvoor geschikt is.

Tijden en kosten in overleg, Ook mogelijk op je eigen lokatie.

Stuur een email om een afspraak te maken (bellen mag ook: 0634971951)