Do you want to feel what it is like when your horse easily flows through corners, while gaining balance and rhythm?


Do you want to experience how you can ride perfectly straight lines with a horse that waits - calm but alert - for your instructions: left, right or stop and relax?


Do you want to master the art of riding deep into the corners almost without "aids", only using your focus?


Then watch this trainingvideo - a few times to get all the details! - and practice with the exercises.


This exercise gives you a much deeper connection and communication with your horse.


With the investment of just a few sessions (seriously!!) you can make a lasting change in the way you ride and in the way your horse goes through corners and on straight lines


No more falling in, losing balance, losing rhythm, losing the soft connection in the reins. Permanently!


This is a video training (language: English):

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Get started with these amazing exercises TODAY!


The Corner Game is Simple, Fun and very effective. It makes you and your horse Feel Good!


Q: I am just starting out with a young horse. Can I do this with him?
A: Yes!! It is super valuable to play this game with young horses! Would it not be great to start teaching the good stuff from the beginning, not having to fix things later?


Q: I can already ride on a high level. Does this exercise give us extra value or new insights?
A: Yes!! Make sure to not only watch the video once but watch it multiple times to learn next level ideas. It will teach you how to use (much!) less aids, ride straighter on straight lines, find more balance and flow, and you and your horse will become more connected and balanced than you may even have felt before.


Q: What if we get stuck?
A: Don’t ever get stuck!!! Connect to me for help.

Yes! I won't settle for unbalanced and crooked corners any longer. Send me this Training!