Professionals with a Sport & Horsemanship United training

The trainers or instructors mentioned below are people I can recommend if you are looking for help with your horse.

They have proven to be well educated and heartcentered horselovers and they have knowledge of the horse, advanced skills for training and teaching (sometimes with a focus on a certain discipline or subject, as mentioned) and a positive and open mindset towards both horses and people. They have studied with me and thier values are aligned with the values that Sport & Horsemanship United promotes.

Disclaimer: Sport & Horsemanship United or Liesbeth Jorna can in no way be held responsible for the actions of SHU recommended trainers.

Cindy Deman (Belgium)

Cindy Deman is an experienced horsemanship teacher. I can especially recommend her for horsemanship, behaviour, helping you to build trust and calmness or start your young horse, and for the basics of healthy biomechanics.

Website: Cindy Deman Horsemanship

Cindy Deman - Zajate

Fenja Täuber (Germany)

Fenja Täuber has studied with me several times in Germany and did a 3 week intensive training with her horses here in the Netherlands. She is a very well rounded horsewomen with great riding skills and refined feel for the horse. Her horses have great trust and understanding and she is able to start a horse and develop them in dressage to higher levels.

Fenja wrote a lovely report about her 3 weeks of training:

3 Weeks with Liesbeth Jorna – All about doing less and getting more

Website: Fenja Täuber – Pferde Leicht

Do you have the heart and ambition to earn a recommendation by Sport & Horsemanship United?
Then show up in my courses and keep learning and moving forward!

Recommended trainers are hand picked by Liesbeth personally on the basis of standing out in their knowledge, skills and their open and positive mindset. They give top priority to the needs of the horse and the student and are always looking for ways to improve the harmony between horse and rider.
Recommended trainers can show the Sport & Horsemanship United Recommended Trainer badge on their website as a token of approval of their knowledge, skills and integrity.