Dressage Naturally is all about creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics at the same time.

As a licensed DN Instructor I can offer you access to Karen Rohlf’s Online Courses in the Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena as part of your education with me!

Also check out the Dressage Naturally Live Courses in Europe.

For all Dressage Naturally Students who have participated in the online or live courses I offer Continued Monthly Support for continuing your education and inspiration.

Continued Monthly Support

Don't drop the ball after your onlune course or DN clinic!Continue  the  journey. You  and  your  horse  deserve  it!

Don’t drop the ball after your first year in the Sweet Spot course or after your D,N Clinic!
If you are in the Virtual Arena you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials. We want you to fully benefit from these resources and continue your progress.
Many students revisit the modules to gain even deeper understanding and advance their skills.

As a D,N Virtual Arena student or as a participant of one of my D,N Clinics you can have my support you all the way!

  • You’ll have the opportunity to take your skills to the highest levels!
  • You will not get stuck due to lack of support.
  • If you have problems I’ll help you solve them.
  • If you need inspiration or encouragement I’ll help you find the next steps
  • You can ask all horse related questions and send in videosnapshots.
  • Receive live answers, feedback and tips!

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9.30 p.m. CE(S)T

You can continue your access to these monthly Q&A sessions with me
for another full year for only €297!

Sign up for continued monthly support!