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Dressage Naturally Video Study Club

April – May 2020

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About the Dressage Naturally Video Study Club

The plan

In short:

  • 2 Months full access to Karen Rohlf’s Dressage Naturally Video Classroom
  • Study of selected video’s and practice at home for a few weeks
  • 3 online Study Club Meetings on a selected Topic, hosted by Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor Liesbeth Jorna

In this Video Study Club we focus on 3 topics. For each of these we will point you to a small selection of the best video’s about these topics. You’ll have some weeks to study the video’s and try the exercises at home. Then every third week we will organize an online Study Club Meeting.
In these meetings we’ll go deeper into the information and exercises in the video’s and Liesbeth Jorna will give you personal support and answer all your questions.

The 3 topics

These are the 3 topics we will focus on:

  1. Improve your focus and your horse’s self-carriage, balance and collectibility using corners
  2. Playing with poles and cavaletti to improve precision, rhythm, suppleness, coördination, self-carriage and … well … any gymnastical development!
  3. Exercises for creating energy and engagement with little effort so your horse becomes really responsive on your aids, is easily motivated and moves with more “schwung”

Dates & Times

The Video Study Club starts April 1st.
Registration is possible until April 15th.
During two months you’ll have full access to the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom.

The dates of the Meetings are: April 16, April 30, May 14
Time: 8 p.m. CEST (Amsterdam time zone)
You’ll receive information on how to join the meetings after signing up.

Note: If you cannot attend the meetings live you can send in questions in advance and download the recordings – with our answers – afterward.

What is included?

  • 3 online Study Club meetings, hosted by Liesbeth Jorna, in which you’ll get even deeper insights, answers to all your questions as well ideas for going “next level”
  • Lifetime access to the Sport & Horsemanship United Videotraining “Riding Balanced Corners” (and more …)
  • 2 Months full access to the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom (with 100’s of trainingvideo’s!! You’ll have the opportunity to learn even more if you put in the time!!)
  • During one of those meetings you’ll meet Karen Rohlf live!

The price of this unique event: only €99 !!
A really small price for really high value! 

Note: if you are already a member of the D,N Classroom we’ll put your payments on hold for 2 months.

We can promise you lots of new information, new insights, unique training ideas, fun exercises and interaction with likeminded students. A new level of partnership, a new level of ridingskills and healthy biomechanics for you and your horse.

We invite you to join us. Let’s get together and stay inspired!

Liesbeth Jorna and Karen Rohlf

The Dressage Naturally Video Study Club starts in …

Your teachers

Liesbeth Jorna – Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor
Based on her experience as a competition rider, instructor and dressage judge, her journey into natural horsemanship and her immersion in Dressage Naturally, Liesbeth helps horse owners to develop their horses into happy, healthy and successful athletes.
“She stood out to me based on her skills in partnership-based training, her ability to educate students with compassion, and most of all because of her positive attitude and integrity as a human being. I am confident that she is able to help you create the communication, harmony, balance and connection you want with your horses!” ~ Karen Rohlf ~

Read more about Liesbeth Jorna

Karen Rohlf – founder of Dressage Naturally
Karen’s experience as GP dressage trainer and competitionrider, her immersion in natural horsemanship and belief that anything is possible has given her a unique perspective that breathes new life into common dressage training practices. Karen has created the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom, in which you’ll find hundreds of very enlightening trainingvideo’s and discussions.

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