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Dressage Naturally Video Study Club

Power = Energy + Relaxation

Registration open untill NOVEMBER 8th. Jumpstart your Dressage Naturally journey NOW!

“Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine.”
Karen Rohlf

Karen Rohlf has created a huge library of around 400 instructional and inspirational video’s in the D,N Video Classroom. Every month she adds 3 more. Let’s put that great source to use!

My mission with this second series of the D,N Video Study Club is to help you find “the center line” of Dressage Naturally through combining study of video’s, practicing at home and personal support.

Would you like …

  • Get a deep(er) understanding about the most important ingrediënts of Dressage Naturally?
  • A new level of partnership, ridingskills and healthy biomechanics for you and your horse?
  • Get answers to your questions and support for your challenges?
  • Access to hundreds of video’s with new insights and unique training ideas?
  • A fun and positive learming environment with likeminded students?

Then join us now and choose your best package below!

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Liesbeth Jorna and Karen Rohlf

3 Topics from the core of Dressage Naturally

We’ll go through 3 topics that touch the heart of the Dressage Naturally, spending 2 months on each topic. You can choose to do just one topic (2 months) OR go for the complete package (6 months, with or without personal support). Check out the topics here:

September-October 2020:
How to stay natural in playful while “doing dressage”
Let’s dive into the natural part of Dressage Naturally: a positive, playful yet progressive mindset, your leadership, your daily habits of horsemanship, building a relationship, motivation and communication

November-December 2020:
Relaxation + Energy = Power
Everything begins and ends with relaxation but you want some energy too! Not too little and not too much. Ideas and exercises for finding the right combination of relaxation and energy.

January-Februari 2021:
Basic alignment (balance, straightness) is the key to healthy biomechanics.
The Sweet Spot of Healthy biomechanics has three core ingredients: relaxation, energy and balance. These last two months we will dive into learning to feel for your horse’s balance and alignment and into the “basic alignment exercise”, probably the most important exercise of Dressage Naturally.

P.S. On the 2021 horizon … continued progress with an Upward Spiral series
Maybe after these 6 months we’ll go “next level” in 2021 and dive into the “Upward Spiral” subjects of suppleness, lateral movements and collectibility.
So if you want to start a progressive journey you may want to jump on board right now.

How does it work?

  • You’ll be given access to the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom for the duration of your participation in the D,N Video Study Club. Around 400 video’s!! If you are already a member of the Classroom we’ll put your payment on hold for the duration of your participation in the Study Club.
  • You’ll get access to the closed facebookgroup for members of the D,N Video Classroom, where you can share your successes and ask for support and recommended video’s. A safe and non-judgemental community.
  • Every 1st of the month you will receive a specific selection of video’s to study. Of course you are going to practice with your horse. Knowledge is silver but experience is gold! Maybe you’ll adopt a complete exercise, maybe you’ll just focus on some details, depending on the level you are at already.
  • For every topic (so every 2 months) we’ll have three online D,N Video Study Club Meetings. In this meetings Liesbeth Jorna – Licensed D,N Instructor – will answer all your questions and give you practical tips and deeper insights. These meetings will be on Tuesday’s at 8 p.m. (C)EST (Amsterdam time zone) and will be recorded for you.
  • There are three packages to choose from with different levels of personal support. Find out about these packages below.


Dates of the Online Meetings

All meeting are on Tuesdays, 8 p.m. (C)EST (Amsterdam time zone)

Topic 1 Natural Playful Dressage: 8 sept, 22 sept, 13 okt

Topic 2 Relaxation & Energy = Power: 10 nov, 24 nov, 15 dec

Topic  3 Basic Alignment for Healthy Biomechanics: 12 jan, 26 jan, 16 feb

You’ll receive information on how to join the meetings after signing up.

Important: If you cannot attend the meetings live you can send in questions in advance and download the recordings – with the answers – afterward.

The Next Step of the Dressage Naturally Video Study Club starts in …

DON'T MISS OUT! Get in before our next Q&A, registration closes November 8

2 Month Single DNVSC topic

  • One 2 Month topic of your choice
  • 2 sets of recommended video’s
  • 2 month DNVC membership
  • 3 DNVSC online group meetings
Nov - Dec: Relaxation + Energy = PowerJan - Feb: Basic alignment for Healthy Biomechanics

6 Month Continuous Growth Package

  • All three 2 month-topics for step by step continuous progress
  • 6 sets of recommended video’s
  • 6 month DNVC membership
  • 9 DNVSC online group meetings
  • BONUS: Free access to the 2 part videotraining Riding Balanced Corners
Not available anymore. Sorry!

6 Month Intensive Personal Support Package

with videocoaching or live lessons
3 x €250 3 Monthly payments of €250 or SAVE €55 with a single payment of €695
  • EVERYTHING as mentioned in the Continuous Growth Package PLUS:
  • 6 45 min. PRIVATE LESSONS in Oosterstreek, the Netherlands (Sept. 2020 - Feb. 2021, on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu, day or evening). De lessen worden gegeven in Nederlands of Engels.
  • OR
  • 3 60 MIN (!!) VIDEOCOACHINGSESSIONS with personal training advice based on your own video (max. 15 min. total)
  • AND
  • The privilege to SEND IN VIDEO'S (max. 3 min.) for personal feedback during the Meetings.
  • EXTRA BONUS: VIP group coaching session in Feb./March to set you up for more success and progress in the future.
Not available anymore. Sorry!
Liesbeth Jorna - Sport & Horsemanship United

Your teachers

Liesbeth Jorna – Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor
Based on her experience as a competition rider, instructor and dressage judge, her journey into natural horsemanship and her immersion in Dressage Naturally, Liesbeth helps horse owners to develop their horses into happy, healthy and successful athletes.
“She stood out to me based on her skills in partnership-based training, her ability to educate students with compassion, and most of all because of her positive attitude and integrity as a human being. I am confident that she is able to help you create the communication, harmony, balance and connection you want with your horses!” ~ Karen Rohlf ~

Read more about Liesbeth Jorna

Karen Rohlf – founder of Dressage Naturally
Karen’s experience as GP dressage trainer and competitionrider, her immersion in natural horsemanship and belief that anything is possible has given her a unique perspective that breathes new life into common dressage training practices. Karen has created the Dressage Naturally Video Classroom, in which you’ll find hundreds of very enlightening trainingvideo’s and discussions.

Read more about Karen Rohlf

FAQ: D,N Video Study Club or D,N Virtual Arena?

The D,N Video Study Club cannot replace the Sweet Spot and Upward Spiral courses in the D,N Virtual Arena. So: what is best for you?

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty details and not skip any step along the way (like I have done myself) I can highly recommend to join the Sweet Spot course as soon as you can. 

Is that too big a step at this moment? Then the D,N Video Study Club can be a valuable stepping stone. Get a taste, experience the essence of D,N, get prepared for more. Or … dive into the details of a limited set of topics.

Not sure what’s best for you? Send me an email and I’ll help you find out what’s your best choice.