Dressage Naturally Clinic with KAREN ROHLF

Netherlands, 1-3 September 2019

Ride better, healthier, friendlier, more effective and with more joy!

Are you a Dressage Naturally student, a Virtual Arena student or have you done courses with Liesbeth Jorna? Then this is a unique opportunity to ride with Karen Rohlf in real life!

We can promise you lots of new information, new insights, unique training ideas, fun exercises and interaction with likeminded students. A new level of partnership, a new level of ridingskills and healthy biomechanics for you and your horse.

The 3 Days of this clinic with Karen Rohlf will be filled with lessons and theorysessions, discussions, simulations in which all attendees can actively participate.

Are you new to Dressage Naturally? An instructor? A competitionrider maybe? A “natural” perhaps? Or already into D,N but not in the situation that you can bring your horse?
There will be lots to learn as a gallery student too. As a Gallery Student you can watch all lessons, make notes and take lots of ideas home to your own horses and students. Knowing Karen, chances are that gallery students will not be glued to their chair all day!

Will you join us? Grab your tickets below!

Karen Rohlf and Liesbeth Jorna

About Karen Rohlf

Karen’s experience a GP dressage trainer and competitionrider, her immersion in natural horsemanship and belief that anything is possible has given her a unique perspective that breathes new life into common dressage training practices. Karen has the unique ability to show students how to create a vision, build the ingredients, establish the communication and trust their instincts in playing with their horses.

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Practical Information

Dates & times:
Sunday September 1 to Tuesday September 3, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Paard Mens Onderwijs, Onderduikersweg 2A, 8346 KP De Bult, Steenwijk, the Netherlands

Prerequisites for riders
In this clinic Karen will build on the principles of the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics and help riders move onward into the Upward Spiral of Gymnastics. So this is for you when you are a rider who …

  • already has some experience and knows the main principles of Dressage Naturally
  • has a reasonable foundation and can find a sweet spot in walk, trot and canter. Maybe not yet perfect or consistent in every exercise but without major trouble
  • likes to embark on the journey to more suppleness, straightness, mobility, strength, balance and collectibility
  • maybe even wants do competition in a way that is healthy and joyful for both horses and humans, (regardless of the discipline)
  • and during all of this wants to level up the joy, the creativity, the lightness, the playfulness and the love for your horse

Accomodation for the horses:
Stabling for the horses is included in the riderticket. 6 Paddocks are available day and night and will be shared between horses or groups of horses. Hay is included. There are grooming places with water indoors.
Riders will be informed about the possible time for arrival of the horses on saturday. Horses are expected to leave in the evening of the last day of the clinic.

What to bring?
For riders: a healthy horse!
For your horse: everything you need to take good care of your horse, from nutrition to sponges and everything in between. Also – just to be sure – bring protection against insects (repellant, flysheet, flymask) in case he’ll need that in the paddock.
For your lessons: ropehalter, leadrope, 22ft rope, stick & string, dressagewhip, bridle with or without bit as you prefer, saddle and saddlepads.
For all riders and gallery students: pen and notebook, helmet if you want to ride and a sunny state of mind :o)

Overnight stay
Paard Mens Onderwijs has 4 apartments for 4 and 2 apartments for 6 available for students. The kitchens are fully equiped. You should bring your own bedlinen, duvet, pillow and towels. You can book a bed in these appartments through the buttons below.
If you have a special request about with whom you want to share your apartment please send me an email and I’ll do my best to get everybody organized! If you do not send me your preference for roommates, places in the apartments will be assigned at random untill all the apartments are full.

Alternatives: Google for hotels and B&B’s in the area! Hotel Huis ten Wolde is at a walking distance.

Join us at lunches, coffee/tea
We invite you to join us at the lovely healthy lunches offered by the facility. Vegetarian food is standard available. Included with your lunch reservation is unlimited coffee and tea throughout the day.
Don’t forget to book your lunch & drinks ticket when you order your rider- or galleryticket!

Want to be efficient?
When you book your rider- or galleryticket make sure to also book your lunch&drinks and a place in an apartment. Bookings for a bed in one of the apartments are limited. Bookings for lunch&drinks can be made until august 1st.

Registration and reservations

Riderspot 3 Day Clinic Karen Rohlf
Including a stable for your horse
€ 1.145 (incl. BTW/VAT)

At this moment the riderspots are fully booked. Please send an email to [email protected] if you want to be on the holding list

Full 3 Day Clinic Gallery Ticket
€ 245 (incl. BTW/VAT)

I want a 3 Day Gallery Ticket

Sunday Gallery Ticket
€ 95 (incl. BTW/VAT)

I want a Sunday Gallery Ticket

Book a Bed
Overnight stay in one of the on site apartments
3 nights: arrival on saturday, departure on tuesday
Email to [email protected] to tell me names of preferred roommates
€ 100 (incl. BTW/VAT)

I want to stay in an apartment

Lunches & Drinks 3 Days
Lunches and unlimited coffee and tea
3 days: sunday, monday, tuesday
€ 75 (incl. BTW/VAT)

I want Lunches & Drinks for 3 days

Lunch & Drinks Sunday
Lunches and unlimited coffee and tea
Only on Sunday
€ 25 (incl. BTW/VAT)

I want Lunch & Drinks on Sunday

Live + Online learning is like 1+1=100
This live Dressage Naturally clinic with Karen Rohlf makes a great combination with Karen’s online courses in the Dressage Naturally Virtual Arena!
Combining online learning with live support is absolutely your optimal learning opportunity! You dive in deeper, it sticks with you longer and you have a permanent “go to place” for support and inspiration.
If you decide to enroll in the Online course “Finding the Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics” HERE you’ll have several choices for live support. A €200 discount on your Riderspot or 3 day Gallery Ticket for this clinic with Karen Rohlf is one of your choices. Contact Liesbeth for more information or questions!

Continued Monthly Support
Participants in this live clinic (riders or full course gallery students) can also sign up for continued support and inspiration by Liesbeth Jorna in the Dressage Naturally Monthly Support group

Just in case ...... you find yourself in a situation that calls for cancellation of your rider- or galleryticket, please read these rules

First of all: send me an email! This is the only way you can officially cancel your ticket. The date and time of your email defines your refund as follows:

  • Cancellation more than 21 days before starting date of the clinic ⇒ Full refund
  • 21 – 8 days before starting date ⇒ 50% refund
  • 7 days – 48 hours before starting date and time ⇒ 20% refund
  • Less than 48 hours before starting date and time or during the course ⇒ no refund

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