Groundwork Exercises for Riding with Lightness

20+ exercises for partnership, communication and healthy biomechanics

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Are these topics important to you ... and your horse?

  • Seeking Harmony and Partnership
  • Building Communication and Coordination (incl. lateral movements)
  • Creating Healthy Biomechanics
  • Smart hacks for daily handling, bridling and mounting

I want all of that with my horses and I know your horse wants this too!

Are you curious to find out how small skills on the ground can lead to large benefits in riding?

Do you want to help your horse be the best he can be?

Then let me send you the key to the full movie!

Why would I do groundwork with my riding horse?

As an instructor one of my specialties is too really see what foundational pieces are holding you and your horse back from making progress.

Most common is that horses do not really understand your aids or they don’t really know what to do with their body and legs.

Groundwork is a great way to build the partnership, mutual understanding and physical skills that your horse needs to prepare for riding. It is also very effective to fill gaps in your horse’s education (or yours…)

This film will show you more than 20 exercises in various levels of progress with an explanation of what, why and what qualities to look for.

I give you this ... for FREE !!

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YES, I want access to the full documentary!



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Your Teacher

Liesbeth Jorna - Sport & Horsemanship United

Liesbeth Jorna is the creator of Sport & Horsemanship United and one of the very few Dressage Naturally Instructors, licensed personally by Karen Rohlf.
As an instructor she successfully bridges the gap between the traditional horseworld, natural horsemanship and up to date knowledge of healthy training for riding horses. She has decades of experience in competition and as a dressage judge but most of all Liesbeth is well know for her empowering, enthousiastic, non-judgemental and positive way of teaching. She helps riders and horses of all levels find a new road to progress, with logical explanations and unique exercises, always taking the welfare of both horse and student to heart. Liesbeth has helped hundreds of riders and horses find happiness, healthy biomechanics and often “unexpected possibilities”.

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The horses you'll meet in this movie


Bresila-Jane is our multi champion eventing mare. She is strong, energetic, very intelligent and has a mind of her own, like many mares have. Variety, some “good manners” for daily handling and a very light and coordinated response to riding aids are our main focus for her.

Balans in het zadel trainingstips

Takakkaw Skoki

Skoki is my groundwork and liberty specialist. His full name means “Magnificent Jumper” and as you can see, he really is! Skoki is extremely sensitive and fast but also quite shy and easily confused. Relaxation, softness and clarity of the communication are what he mostly needs.

Raskanio (a.k.a. Rio)

Rio has a history as a high level dressage horse but got lost in learned helplessness and physical issues. He is super friendly, a real gentleman and afraid to make mistakes. For him the gain lies in feeling free to express himself, developing self-confidence and healthy biomechanics.

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