Monthly Personal Support and inspiration for all Dressage Naturally Students!

Dressage Naturally is all about creating stronger partnerships and healthy biomechanics at the same time.
It’s Dressage … with Harmony, Freedom, Healthy Biomechanics and Joy.
It’s Life Changing for your horse … and of course that makes You happy too!

Get started now – stay on track – keep motivated – never get stuck – get help & stay inspired!

As an officially Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor

I want YOU to fully benefit from all the Dressage Naturally resources so

YOU can always stay inspired and make progres

You and your horse deserve this!

Wether you start your Dressage Naturally Journey here or you have already completed the Sweet Spot course or participated in a D,N Clinic…


Is this what sounds good to you?

  • Step up to your “next level”, again and again?
  • Gain an even deeper understanding of dressage and horsemanship?
  • Advance your ridingskills and keep learning new exercises?
  • Meeting likeminded students and learn faster together with them?
  • Maybe even get good at explaining stuff and teaching other riders?

As a D,N student you can have my support you all the way if you join the Monthly Continued Support group!

  • If you get stuck I’ll help you find out why and give you new exercises or trainingideas
  • If you have problems I’ll help you solve them.
  • If you need inspiration or encouragement I’ll help you find the next steps
  • If you want direct feedback you can send in videosnapshots.
  • If you look for the next level I’ll give you strategies

This is what you will get:

  • Access to Karen Rohlf’s Dressage Naturally Video Classroom with already over 400 video’s (if you are already a member we’ll put your payment on hold)
  • Including monthly 3 new video’s
  • Membership of the international facebook group for D,N Video Classroom members

and additionally:

  • You’ll have my personal guidance and support every month
  • AND direct feedback on short video’s
  • AND the opportunity to learn with and from a small group of fellow students!

When do we meet?
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9.00 p.m. CE(S)T

Liesbeth Jorna - Sport & Horsemanship United

SIGN UP NOW and you'll have my personal support as long as you want!

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